Anonymous asked:

What inspired you to do porn? Fame, power of being, money, or was it just for the sexual thrill?

meowsatan answered:

I have a lot of self confidence and i believe that my body deserves to be loved and shared with the world. I want to show people that sex workers should be viewed the same as someone who works in a bank or in retail, we are all human beings and just because my job isn’t “socially accepted” doesn’t mean I should be looked down upon.
I have always been fascinated by the porn industry. I remember looking up to a few certain stars and now in just a matter of time, I will be working side by side with some of the best. It’s truly an honor. is fun. I’ll be able to express my sexuality in so many ways and try new things. I want to show people, specifically women, that they should have no shame in themselves for being sexual. I like having sex in front of other people, it’s empowering and I know that I am basically in control.
I love sex and I’m not ashamed to do it on camera for thousands of people to see.